Krijn De Koning
Photography by: Tim Groen

Krijn De Koning


Design Miami/ is pleased to present a new commission by Dutch artist Krijn de Koning. The work is comprised of three large-scale architectural installations that provide opportunities for social gathering within the fair, encouraging visitors to sit, lean and pool around his vibrantly colored functional sculptures. 
De Koning is best known for his architectural interventions which transform spaces through an intuitive manipulation of simple geometric forms and the playful use of color. His work, often installed in museums, galleries, churches and public areas, reconfigures common elements of familiar spaces, challenging viewers to reinterpret their surroundings. 
De Koning was invited to create these works for Design Miami/ as part of a larger reevaluation of the fair's exhibition space. The artist responded to the Scatter floor plan created by Aranda\Lasch, intended to encourage visitors to move through the fair in unscripted ways and to cultivate increased opportunities for interaction. De Koning considered high-traffic areas of the fair and created three-dimensional complements to the Scatter plan which reframe gallery booths, provide spots for rendezvous, distribute periodicals and invite visitors to spend more time in the exhibition space. 
This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the Netherlands Cultural Services (New York)